Performance, A Step-by-Step Program to Accelerate Your Fitness Goals, Improve Balance and Control, and Prevent Chronic Pain and Injuries for Life

In MELT Performance introduceert manueel therapeut en oefenfysioloog Sue Hitzmann een revolutionair programma dat is gericht op neurologische stabiliteit in je gewrichten, ook wel Neurostrength genoemd. Voor sporters. Engelstalig.

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Review door T. Ski, Geplaatst op 12-11-2020, 5 Ster(ren).
5.0 out of 5 stars "The Best Health Care is Self-Care"

It is finally here! I have been waiting since last year for MELT Performance to be released and it does not disappoint. It is the perfect complement to Sue’s first book - The MELT Method – yet it can also stand on its own. If you have not read the first book (please do so!) the most important parts are summarized in this new book.

The MELT Performance book is broken down into 4 parts:
Part One – Creating NeuroStrength – was so fascinating I couldn’t put it down. Chapters 2 (How NeuroStrength Will Improve Your Performance, Eliminate Pain, and Revitalize Your Overall Health) and 3 (NeuroStrength and Your Emotions) were compelling. My daughter suffers from anxiety and Sue writes about stress and the impact it has on our nervous system, and also about emotional memory. I feel like she wrote these chapters to help me understand what my daughter is going through – they really hit home!

Part Two - Explains the science behind MELT and the 4 R’s of MELT (from The Melt Method book), and adds 2 new R’s – Reintegrate and Repattern. It also defines the NeuroStrength moves and gives easy to follow directions, along with pictures showing each step in the move.

Part Three – Puts the NeuroStrength moves together with MELT Method Rehydrate moves to make a sequence.

Part Four –NeuroStrengh Performance Maps. There are maps for everyone – athletes and non-athletes – training day maps, game day maps, maps for pain and joint injury, and lifestyle maps.

The final portion of the book includes an easy to understand glossary and a recommended reading list.

I have been MELTing at least 15-30 minutes every day for the past 3 years and am amazed by the changes I feel in my body (especially a decrease in migraines and all but eliminating Reynaud’s in my hands). I can’t wait to take my MELT practice to the next level with MELT Performance and bring stability to my body!
Review door I. Canada, Geplaatst op 20-04-2020, 5 Ster(ren).
I really appreciate Sue’s dedication to simplify the heavy topics and generously share her wisdom with us.
There is so much information in this book. I am still reading over and over again.
The moves are very simple and you may want to do it right away. So you may feel like skipping the first several chapters, but please read everything. Once you understand the WHY, you will be amazed by the result with such a simple move. You are learning something new, so be patient. ;)
I have loose ligaments so my body is compensating all the time but I learned MELT Performance (NeuroStrength) just in time to stay active without pain! I am 59 years old. Nothing can reverse the aging process but I can do the things I could not do 10 years ago!
I agree that MELT Performance is a Game Changer!

5 sterren op basis van 2 beoordelingen

In deze langverwachte opvolger van 'de MELT methode,' introduceert Sue Hitzmann het eerste en enige proactieve trainingsprogramma aan dat ideaal is voor sporters, fitnessliefhebbers en iedereen die zijn algehele balans, prestaties en lichaamsbeheersing wil verbeteren. Dit kun je doen, terwijl je jezelf beschermt tegen blessures en chronische pijn.

Sport je vaak, maar heb je vaak blessures die je weerhouden van het bereiken van topprestaties? Ben jij iemand die fit wil blijven, maar heb je te maken met pijn die het moeilijker maakt om te trainen? Wil je trainen zonder te worden gehinderd door stressfracturen, gespannen gewrichtsbanden of pijnlijke gewrichten? Dan is de MELT performance geschikt voor jou.

De basis van de MELT Performance is stabiliteit. Om vrij te blijven van blessures, moeten onze gewrichten stabiel zijn voordat we repetitieve bewegingen maken. Door stabiliteit te verwerven, kan het lichaam reageren op de bewegingsvraag. Dat is de manier waarop we zijn bedoeld om te functioneren - het stelt ons in staat om efficiënter te werken, de coördinatie te verbeteren en onze gewrichten te sparen. Leren hoe je de stabiliteit van je gewrichten kunt controleren, herstellen en opnieuw integreren, biedt een ongeëvenaard voordeel voor iedereen die hard traint om optimaal te presteren.

Als je er aan toe bent om je prestaties te verbeteren en letsel te voorkomen, is MELT Performance een must, ongeacht welke sport of activiteit je beoefent. 

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