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North Atlantic Books Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help, by Valerie DeLaune

Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help helps you understand and then treat your condition, leading to rapid, effective, and lasting pain relief.

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Review door Up North, Geplaatst op 24-01-2019, 5 Ster(ren).
I am a physical therapist specializing in chronic pain - which means I see a lot of people with chronic trigger points (TrP). I often loan this book to patients to help them figure out what might be aggravating their TrP, what habits they could change, what stretches or self TrP pressure they could do to manage the TrP. The book is thorough, accurate, easy for non-medical people to understand but also an excellent reference for people who treat TrP. I recommend this as the best general purpose book on TrP, overall (other books on TrP in specific body regions have more detail, but only about one body region). I recommend this book highly and give it 5 stars based on the quality of its contents. I just wish it came in a spiral binder, because it would be nice to lay it out flat while doing the suggested exercises.

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Pain Relief with Trigger Point Self-Help helps you understand and then treat your condition, leading to rapid, effective, and lasting pain relief. With full-color photos and illustrations throughout, it explains the physiology of trigger points and teaches you how to:
• Locate your trigger points and understand “referred pain”
• Prevent trigger points from forming by making simple lifestyle changes, practicing proper body mechanics, and addressing nutritional deficiencies 
• Treat trigger points by applying pressure and doing simple stretches
• Understand common pain conditions for each area of the body
Written for anyone wishing to successfully treat his or her own pain, the book is also an invaluable reference for any health-care provider whose patients suffer from either chronic or acute pain.

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